Day 159. Belgrade to Golubac.

2nd of November. The Runs.

Well its taken over five months but I finally get a bout of the runs. I spend most of the night getting up to go to the toilet. But it seems to have calmed down by morning so I decide to risk riding on. I only have to duck behind one bush all day so not so bad. Its rather hard going with alot of long hills. In the afternoon I turn off the main roads and the surface gets worse. I have a choice of a rickety wooden bridge or a deep ford I take the bridge. I arrive in Golubac with sun getting low in the sky. This place is rather splendid. The water is so still and in the golden afternoon sun it is very picturesque. I decide to stay in another hotel. Someone sees me checking my phone and points me in the right direction. He warns me it isn’t very good though and recommends a hotel in the next village 24km away. Ooh well it looks like I will see what this hotels like.

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