Day 160. Golubac to Vidin.

3rd of November. Bulgaria. 

The hotel was ok only there was no heating and the shower was a bit shoddy. Breakfast was included in the price of the hotel so I stayed for that. Which was good as I got to ride the first 40km along the Danube river in good daylight. This was probably the best scenery for me since Norway. Down the side of cliffs riding through tunnels (not proper tunnels but short little ones). After that I cut in land to chop off a hundred kilometres. But this has the adverse affect of making it rather hilly. I cycle up some of the biggest hills since Norway as well. I have the choice of finishing early and staying in Serbia or pushing on and traveling an extra 10km to the border and seeing if theres a hotel in the border town. I decide to push on. I clear Serbian border controls with no drama which I’m relieved with as I might not of registered in the 24 hours like you definitely should. And then straight through Bulgarian border. Wow what a shock. I thought Serbia was a little poor. This town looks like a it hasn’t had any work done on it 30 years. No hotel that leaves me either finding a place to camp or make it to Vidin 30km away. After a slight hill I coast into town with a glorious fiery moon. I quickly find a hotel. A quick shower and change and I go in search of food. A 50cm pizza for 7 quid does the job. After a  hilly almost 100 miler I almost devour the lot.

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