Day 162. Montana to Svoge.

5th of November. Remember remember 

My plan is to make at least the start of the Iskar Gorge. As its a hundred kilometres from the start to Sofia and I don’t want to enter the capital tired and in the dark. From Montana to the start of the Iskar is only 70km away but there’s a hill in the way, only 600m but I’m still not feeling 100%. After going through a town where all the roads seem to be in the process of being relayed and after an emergency toilet stop I finally start the climb which goes by remarkably well and soon I’m having lunch at the top in glorious sunshine. The decent is seriously fun. How I’ve missed switch backs. Glad I remembered to adjusted my brakes because I really used them to the max today. Then I was in the beautiful picturesque Iskar Gorge. It really is stunning in the autumnal colours with the low sun giving it a golden hue. I would recommend it if you are ever in Sofia as its right next door. I struggle to find camp but I jump the guard rail and wedge myself in between the road and the river.

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