Day 163. Svoge to Sofia.

6th of November. Iskar Gorgeous. 

Slept pretty well considering I was only 10 feet away from the road. Its another beautiful day and I’m riding the last 60km to Sofia. This really is one of the prettiest places I’ve been for a while. It would make an awesome motorcycle ride with tight twisty bits buts its fairly hard work on a push bike with lots of short climbs. But before I know it I’m in town and navigating my way to the centre to find some lodgings. I’ve decided I should have enough time to have two days off. Firstly to fully recover from my stomach bug and second I’ve got 6 days of some not very pleasant riding coming up. From what I can tell it will be on fairly busy roads and won’t be that interesting. But unless I take a sizeable hilly detour this seems the best option. So some time to mentally and physically recuperate seems like a good idea. 

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