Day 167. Plovdiv to Svilengrad

10th of November. The Ocho returns.

Up nice and early and escape from Plovdiv easily as it has bike lanes only they cross the road a couple of times so you have to wait for traffic lights. I’m still on the road 8, once away from Plovdiv it quietens down alot. Its starting to warm up in the days. It was 16 degrees at 1500 which is probably the best temperature for me to ride in. I’m really liking the scenery here in Bulgaria, nice rolling hills with mountain ranges in the background. I look for a place to camp but its all farm land with farmers hard at work in all the fields. So instead I find a cheap guest house. Overall I cover over 140km in a lovely days ride. I’ve been doing some research on my route into Istanbul and I don’t think I’m going to enjoy it but aparrantly its only the last 50km or so that are pretty bad. So we’ll have to wait and see only got about 300km to go.

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