Day 169. Yenubed to Istanbul. 

12th of November. Ten thousand miles.

It rained alot last night which would normally not be a problem but I was camped down the side of a field. So when I tried leaving the clay soil stuck to my boots and my tyres. After ten yards the wheels wouldn’t turn. It took me about 30 minutes to travel another 40 metres. It was hard work in which time I managed to get mud all over me. After that it was back to going up and down all day, but soon I hit a major milestone, the 10,000 mile point. After 60km I was in sight of the sea but still had 60km to go til the centre of the city. Most was ok with a wide shoulder but there were bits where it disappeared and left me on the side of a multilane highway (I even did some lane splitting down a big hill through a traffic jam). The worst was people pulling out of side roads in front of me even though they saw me. After 130km in quite a hot day I was starting to get annoyed. Even though I was getting close the hills kept coming. Just before the centre I call it a day and find a hotel for the night.

Ten thousand miles well in km

After so long in the saddle this seemed tempting.

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